Midtlyng BW

1 salmon = 1 barrel Brent

Midtlyng_BWAs I author these lines, one 6-kilo salmon commands the same price in the market as one barrel of Brent Blend crude oil; slightly below 40 US dollars. This situation has now prevailed since mid-January 2016. In my opinion, it illustrates the huge economic potential of modern aquatic bioproduction for supply of high-quality, delicious food. And, while the oil service industry stalls, the marine bioeconomy continues to provide economic robustness, income and job security along the entire Atlantic coast of Norway. Is there a lesson to learned from this situation? In my view yes; society should stimulate the establishment and growth of biomarine industries, even when other sources of income may seem quicker in the short-term view!

Paul J. Midtlyng, MarLife

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