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Carl Seip Hanevold (Chair)

“We are constantly looking to expand our pool of registered members, as a mean for collaborative efforts towards biomarin success!

MarLife is easy to join: The open and transparent agenda of our network is reflected in our recruitment policy: no formal procedures apart the requirement of being a serious player in the field, modest membership fee or in kind contribution, no national borders for membership.”



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General benefits

Resource Access

You will have full access to our website articles, reports, conference presentations, analyses and vast and diverse global marine network
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You will automatically receive the MarLife newsletter summing up our own activities and highlight major trends in the biomarine sector
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You will be among the first to be invited to our conferences, mini-seminars, matchmaking events and various partner events
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Your will have the opportunity to share and expose your ideas, events, projects, inventions and solutions in our media and at our events

Specific benefits

“Whether you are a business operator, a solution and service provider, a startup company, an R&D organization, an investor/ broker/fund manager/analyst, an advisor, a granting entity, a management authority and policy maker, a networker/cluster manager, an NGO, a certification and standardization provider, a consumer, a common man or woman, a media or press player, you will all benefit by joining us and here is why: