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NASF Marine Innovation Day, Bergen 4th of March 2014.

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Øystein Lie, Tanja Hoel and Pierre Erwes welcomes you to this years Marine Innovation Day 

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The theme of this spring’s Marine Innovation Day (MID) is new solutions for next -generation marine sector.  “This years MID will have a new twist as it will have a Round Table where speakers and audience will be challenged and an Open Innovation Bar set for one2one meetings” says founder Øystein Lie.

Norwegian and international players from the marine sector gather once again the 4th of March 2014 in Bergen to the annual event NASF Marine Innovation Day (MID). It is an important part of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF), 4th -6th of March 2014 and in 2013 MID was by far the largest single session of NASF. MID is organized by Marlife in cooperation with Biomarine, Fiskeriforum Vest (FFV) and The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF)  and NASF.

Among the speakers is the founder of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, Thor Sigfusson, who will talk about their experiences with sustainable utilization of marine resources. Group Director Aquaculture of EW Group, Odd Magne Rødseth will talk about the dynamics between demanding clients and creative suppliers, where much of the marine innovation takes place. Francisco Saraiva Gomes from Novus Aqua will lecture on innovation needs in global aquaculture and describe new trends in polyculture (aquaponics). Professor Klara Stensvåg from UiT will present “the marine treasure chest “: bioprospecting . Together, the star speakers will cover virtually all marine activity.

NASF Marine Innovation Day

In line with our tradition an Innovation Award: MID Innovation Award will be awarded. A Marine Round Table will be held after the MID Innovation Award where smart solutions to all marine fields will be presented and moderator Jostein Refsnes will challenge speakers and the audience. There will also sufficient time to mingle, have one2one meetings and share experience with other participants during the Open Innovation Bar.

One of the previous winners of the MID Innovation Award was co-founder of Havtek, and their contribution to the prevention of escapes from fish farms: El – Not. It is a ‘smart net “that detects and alerts holes and damage to prevent the escape of farmed fish. The inventor of the product, Leif Eirik Larsen worked as a supervisory diver in the farming industry when he got the idea. Having decided that there must be a smarter way to discover holes in the net, he contacted the startup community in Trondheim and was joined by experienced entrepreneurs from CoFounder AS and among others NTNU students Ole Andreas Lo and Sven Jørund Kolstø. Together they founded Havtek, and began to make the idea a reality by developing products in collaboration with Mørenot and SalMar.

MID Innovation Award gave the young entrepreneurs an external confirmation that it was an interesting product. The team of Havtek has the past year been working to complete the development of El -Not- products. “When El -Not is ready, we are ready to develop new, innovative and useful products for the aquaculture industry,” says Ole Andreas Lo.

The Innovative Cases of Solutions. This is a well proven success formula. Cases are submitted online well ahead of conference in accordance with a standard form. They will be exposed on web before and after conference and during the conference by roll ups and to compete being orally presented or being selected for innovation award. – please register by selecting “Case Study Submission” in the above menu. 

Innovation Award. Submission is open to anyone, regardless of registration to the Marine Innovation Day. Cases will be exposed on web ahead of conference, a selected group orally and finally one case will be awarded. SUBMISSION will be available to those who register for the Marine Innovation Day. Submitted cases will be exposed on web ahead of conference, a selected group orally and finally one case will be awarded during the Innovation Award Ceremony.

Reserve the 4th of March for MID 2014 and meet the world’s elite in marine innovation. Watch the for program and registration. We look forward to meeting you in Bergen!


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