Havbruk Merder Og Fjell

Norwegian aquaculture; A sustainable future-oriented industry?

– Norway’s largest export after oil and gas has a controversial reputation. Deserved, or is the industry haunted by old ghosts?

Welcome to the seminar the 15th of October 17:00 at Oslo Science Park. Tekna Havbruk and Tekna Biotek in collaboration with the network Marlife, are the organisers of the seminar.

The aquaculture industry is experiencing a fantastic growth while the industry is facing a number of challenges that require innovation. Tekna and Marlife are technology optimists and believe that the strong Norwegian research institutions can solve this, as shown in the industry’s recent history.

Norway is far ahead in terms of research and has a supply industry with big success stories, due to a high degree of innovation. We want to show research in this area and highlight which solutions companies involved in the aquaculture industry envisions in the future. The players will also be challenged on how best to facilitate innovation and growth in the industry, while taking the environmental aspects into account.

The Government has identified aquaculture as a priority and has announced that it is currently working on a white Paper on aquacultural growth. State Secretary, Amund Drønen Ringdal has confirmed that he will be attending the seminar. The seminar will therefore be a good opportunity to offer the government some input.

After the seminar you are invited for tapas and mingle, welcome!

Secretary Amund Drønen Ringdal, (H)
Geir Ove Ystmark, FHL
John A. Breivik, Stingray
Odd Magne Rødseth, Aqua Gen
Øystein Lie, NMBU

Updated program will follow.

Learn more and register here.

Press coverage (Norwegian):
iLaks: Inviterer til seminar om havbruksvekst

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