Strategy to promote world-leading marine research


Strategy to promote world-leading marine research: MareLife → MareLife Storby → Storby Marin → HAV21

The chair of Storby Marin, the network prolongation of the project MareLife Storby, Professor Olaf Styrvold, has taken place in the reference group of HAV21. HAV21 is the Governmental R&D plan for the marine sector which aims to bolster Norway’s position as a global leader in marine knowledge and management of marine resources and ocean areas.

The HAV21 strategy report will provide an outline for shaping Norway’s collective research activity to promote sustainability and future value creation based on marine resources. The Research Council of Norway (RCN) is acting as Secretariat for the HAV21 process.

Read more at the website of the University of Tromsø

Read more on HAV21at the website of the Research Council of Norway

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